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Bondi Chai Fusion Bonbons


Have you ever stumbled upon a chocolate bar or box of chocolates labeled 'chai chocolate’? Or perhaps you've ventured into making your own? But here's the kicker – did you find it a tad dry? Well, fear not, for we have the answer! Blending the delightful and aromatic spice of 'Chai' with any form of chocolate is truly an art form. At Madam Cocoa, we are thrilled to have mastered this technique, crafting an extraordinary range of Chai Chocolate Bonbons with the invaluable support and ingredients from the revered 'Holy Grail' of Chai – Bondi Chai. Intrigued to learn more? Keep reading! 


How the Collaboration Came About:

In the year of 2023, Madam Cocoa was hitting its stride. With the inauguration of our state-of-the-art chocolatier kitchen and shop in Swansea, along with a stellar team, momentum was building by the day. Then came September 21st, World Chai Day – a celebration uniting chai aficionados worldwide in homage to this exquisite spice and the delightful cups of their cherished chai lattes. It was in the lead up to this auspicious day that we had a revelation – why settle for merely warming, spicy Chai Lattes when we could indulge in decadent chocolates too? Thus, the very first Madam Cocoa Chai Chocolate Bonbon was born...

Featuring beautiful flecks of purple and white, a rich ginger and chai ganache encased in our finest Belgian dark chocolate, it was an instant hit! And which Chai did we choose, you ask? Only the finest, of course – 'Bondi Chai'! 

The moment we shared these Chai delights with the world, a thrilling phone call from our now cherished friends at Bondi Chai ensued, and the rest, as they say, is history! As a small, local business, the opportunity to collaborate on such a project was a dream come true. We are delighted with how the exquisite new range – 'Bondi Chai Fusion Bonbons' – has come to fruition!  

 Martin and Melissa - Bondi Chai Co-Founders


- James from Maitland (after trying the Ginger n Spice) exclaimed, "Mmmm, spicy! The ginger packs a real punch! It's wonderfully creamy, yet bursts with its unique and exotic flavour. Simply love it!"

- Caroline from Newcastle remarked, "I adore the firmness of the outer chocolate shell and the velvety smoothness of the creamy center. The Bondi Chai flavours take center stage, leaving a lingering warmth, aroma, and sweetness. These bite-size treats are perfect for gifting or indulging oneself!" 


The Process:

We take immense pride in our expert team of chocolatiers, dedicated to producing chocolates of the utmost quality, while fearlessly exploring the boundaries of chocolate craftsmanship. Perfecting this new range presented its own set of challenges, but our team leveraged their expertise and experience to showcase this finest Chai. The process of bringing these delectable treats to life involves several meticulously timed and measured steps. It begins with the precise polishing of molds, allowing the individually handcrafted artworks to seamlessly adhere to the chocolate upon filling. The exquisite white chocolate ganache is skillfully combined, infused with the perfect amount of Bondi Chai powder. The bonbons are then generously filled with this luscious ganache and coated with a final layer of the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, in either milk, white, or caramel flavors.

The culmination of this detailed (yet immensely enjoyable) process yields four aromatic, warming, and luxurious Bondi Chai Fusion Bonbons:

  • Club Cinnamon: Enveloped in a caramel chocolate shell with intricate orange and white designs, filled with rich white chocolate ganache infused with Bondi Chai's 'Club Cinnamon Chai'. This chai boasts an extra kick of spice, offering a complex and deeply satisfying experience! 
Club Cinnamon
  • Ginger n Spice: Adorned with a white chocolate casing and delicate purple and white designs, filled with rich white chocolate ganache infused with Bondi Chai's Ginger n Spice. This intensely aromatic chai elevates spice to new heights, balanced with the sweetness of organic coconut sugar. A truly fulfilling treat!
Ginger Spice
  • Vanilla Honey: Featuring a smooth milk chocolate outer shell with captivating lemon green swirls and golden flecks, filled with rich white chocolate ganache infused with Bondi Chai's Vanilla Honey. Known as Bondi Chai's 'beginner's chai', it exudes softness, smoothness, and comforting warmth. 
Vanilla Honey
  • Dirty Chai: Our decadent caramel chocolate shell, adorned with delicate purple, blue, and white flecks, encases rich white chocolate ganache infused with Bondi Chai's Club Cinnamon and our bold Espresso Ganache. A perfect fusion for all the coffee enthusiasts out there!
Dirty Chai

This exquisite box of four bonbons is the ideal gift for chai aficionados among your friends and family – or why not treat yourself and savor every moment of these divine creations!

'Bondi Chai Fusion Bonbons' represent the latest sensation in the world of chocolate, and we are eager for YOU to experience them! Order now at or visit our Swansea store in Lake Macquarie, NSW.

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