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Milk Chocolate Bonbon Giftbox

SizeBox of 12

Where all the classic favourites are found in one place!

The Delightful Gift Box of every classic, silky smooth milk chocolate flavour you could ask for. Bringing a whole new meaning to classic chocolates with delightful twists.

Signature Wrapped Gift Box of 12 or 24 Lucius Chocolate Bonbons Includes:

Vanilla Smooth - For the perfect go-to chocolate look no further! Simply perfection!

Vanilla - Chocolatey - Fudgey - Creamy. What more could a girl want?

Concealed in a veil of creamy milk chocolate shell. This smooth, silk, sexy vanilla bean ganache, will melt you away to the ultimate Happy Place in all our dreams!

Hazelnut Crisp - Add a burst of crisp to your day… a spring in your step with a burst of crisp hazelnut, your day will be sailing along!

Enjoy flavoursome oven roasted hazelnuts doubled over into crunchy, crispy wafer pieces enriched with a scrumptious Belgium milk chocolate.

Hmmmmmmm - You wont regret the crunchy, hazelnut explosion of goodness!

Salt Flake Caramel - Sweet, salty and perfectly smooth. Trust us when we say you won't be able to resist one of our all time favorite sweet and salty treats.

Wrapped in a divine milk chocolate shell underlies the perfect balance of a luscious sweet and salty, seriously smooth melt in your mouth salt flaked caramel accompanied with a subtle hint of vanilla bean. (we warned you that they’d be hard to resist)  

Caribbean Cherry - Chocolate and Cherry - the dream team blend of rich chocolate and sweet cherries. This one is a real heart breaker!

Set upon a luxurious smooth coconut and vanilla bean ganache is our very own cherry compote and sweet glazed cherries. Wrapped up in the finest of fine milk chocolate - a combination so dreamy you'll think you're on a Caribbean holiday. 



See individual chocolate for ingredients and nutritional chart

Milk Chocolate Bonbon Giftbox



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