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The Indulgent Escape

SizeBox of 12

The perfect way to indulge and delight your taste buds!

The Indulgent Gift Box carries you away. Experience rich and silky smooth dark chocolate like you’ve never experienced before.

Signature Wrapped Gift Box of 12 or 24 Lucius Chocolate Bonbons


Chilli Pepper - Made especially for the adventurous, the brave, the daredevil!

Our locally grown chilli plants get a real workout. Awaken your taste buds with a kick of chilli! Are you up for the challenge?

Savour our garden-fresh chilli infused dark chocolate ganache, encased in a sharp and flavour packed belgium dark chocolate shell.

Espresso - Are you ready for your morning Pick Me Up? We’ve got you covered.. Who doesn't love eating chocolate in the morning? (All part of a balanced diet right?)

Indulge and awaken to our Single Origin Roasted dark and creamy espresso ganache, wrapped in a sleek, luxurious dark chocolate shell casing. The ultimate way to start your day.

Botanical Mint - If you appreciate the magnificent fresh blend of chocolate and peppermint, you can't go past our Botanical Mint delight. Seriously! It's a must do on that bucket list.

Relish in our locally grown lush peppermint leaf infused, creamy white chocolate ganache.

Delicately encased in the finest of Belgium's dark chocolate. Men - this is every woman’s dream. 

Raspberry Splash - Dive into the refreshing splash of tender sweet raspberry! The ultimate refresh to any day. Burst of sweet, tangy, juicy raspberry folded through delectable ruch, smooth dark chocolate ganache. How could one resist!

Wrap up your day with Raspberry Splash and a glass of champagne with our tangy raspberry puree ganache, embedded with the sexiest sleek delicate dark chocolate shell…

Completely delicious and decadent, you'll have to go back for more! 


See individual chocolate for ingredients and nutritional chart

The Indulgent Escape



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